Dry Bones

Continuing along with another skeleton variant.

From Dragon #138:

A classic Walt Disney cartoon featured dancing skeletons, and animated skeletons often appear in cartoon features. Such skeletons not only dance but trade heads, fall into piles of bones, and reform into skeletons again. The skeleton variation herein called dry bones is inspired by the antics of cartoon skeletons. The name “dry bones” comes from the song of the same name (“The leg bone is connected to the hip bone,” etc.).
You can find this on the Dungeon Masters Guild as part of Van Richten’s Notebook.

Welcome traveler from an antique land.

You hold in your hand one of Dr. Rudolph van Richten’s numerous notebooks. In his travels, Dr. Van Richten took copious notes that later led to the publication of his many Guides.

This is some of what he has seen. The unheard of monsters, who slither and bite. Wondrous items and and artifacts he has found, their mysteries yet to be unlocked. Of the vexing spells and enchantments he has encountered.

Seven monsters, six spells, and nine magic items!

Bestiary includes the allip, amorphous blob, bloody bones, cobweb golem, dry bones, skotos, and slaugh.

Spellbook includes amorphous blob, creeping darkness, crimson scourge, undead control, vampire mist, and wall of bones.

Magic items include the cloak of night, eyes of the undead, gauntlets of the ghoul, ring of lycanthropy, skull mask, spectre wand, sword of night, trumpet of doom and withering scythe.

You can pick up Van Richten’s Notebook on the DM’s Guild now.

3 Replies to “Dry Bones”

  1. Made me immediately think of Bowser's undead minions and their annoying reforming habits.

    I think a fun/wierd variant would be actual dancing skeletons that follow the party, attracting attention and generally being nuisances but being very hard to get rid of.


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