Everstriking Sword

Let’s mix things up with a cursed item, the everstriking sword, originally by Stephen Martin and appearing in Dragon Magazine #91.  Pretty straightforward conversion, except I added the bit about trading for exhaustion.  The original also drained additional points if a creature could only be hit by a certain plus weapon, but since that has been replaced by damage resistance, I left it out.

Cursed magic weapon
An everstriking sword always hits an intended target unless an impossible blow is attempted, such as striking at a target that is out of range of all attacks. This weapon has no bonuses to hit or damage.  However, a peculiar effect comes into play when such a sword is used in combat.

If the sword is swung at an opponent and a miss is rolled, then you lose a number of hit points equal to the difference between the failed to hit roll and the target’s AC, making the strike hit, in effect using the your own energy to guide the attack home.  Ten hit points worth of damage drained can be “traded” for a level of exhaustion.  This energy drain will be felt as a sudden, sharp pain coupled with a feeling of exhaustion.

Any character who uses this sword once in combat will be cursed to always draw the sword in any further combat, and will ignore all other weapons that he carries in favor of this one. If another weapon is used, all attack rolls with it are made with disadvantage.

3 Replies to “Everstriking Sword”

  1. It was pointed out to me elsewhere that in the 5e DMG that you use a weapon other than a weapon that you've been cursed by that you attack with disadvantage, so I changed the listing above.


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