Amulet of Psionic Reflection

Back with another magic item from Dragon Magazine #99’s Treasure Trove II.  The Amulet of Psionic Reflection was originally created by Roger E. Moore.

Amulet of Psionic Reflection

photo by Jewelry Wire Wrap

Rare wondrous item (requires attunement)
The ancient githyanki-mind flayer wars have spawned a number of interesting psionic-related magical items and weapons. Among them is the githyanki amulet of psionic reflection, a small, ornate device that is pinned to a headband and placed so that it centers on the user’s forehead.

You have resistance to psychic damage when you wear this amulet.

This device is generally used by githyanki scouts who operate alone on missions into mind flayer lairs. Wearing such an amulet is considered a great honor, and githyanki will go to great lengths to recover lost amulets from their new owners. Mind flayers will be equally enraged to see such an amulet if they recognize it as such.

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