In Review: March 7th-19th

I should know better than to try to start something and call it the Week in Review. In what would have been week two of a new (hopefully) regular feature, I missed it. So let’s just call it In Review and leave it at that.

If you follow me on Google+ or Facebook, you’ve seen these links before. But here I talk about them!

First, this picture came up on my Google+ feed. #itswizardtime

Next we will delve into some Dyson Logos‘ maps.
First, Gateway to the Valley of Revelations, an entrance to a secret valley with stepped farms.

Gateway to the Valley of Revelations

The Fortress of Diane the Thrice Damned is a small fortress surrounded by water on three sides.

Fortress of Diane the Thrice-Damned

The Secret Codices of the Emerald Hawk Society is the headquarters of a “secret” organization that includes a “hidden” library that might hold the bits of forgotten lore your players are searching for.

Secret Codices of the Emerald Hawk Society

Dyson also took a break from mapping and gave us a collection of 5e magic items that he made for his table.

I have two from Tribality this time. Shawn Ellsworth gives us 16 Dangers of the Riftlands introduces some variable terrain types that I feel I could just slide right into my World of Eska.

Factions are part of D&D’s Organized Play, Shawn also gives us a great article about Using Factions in Your Campaign, including some factions he made for his game.

I’ve also pulled a post from Kobold Press‘ blog, another from the Out of the Frying Pan series. The Fugitive of Hammerfall is a trio of encounters with dwarven slaves culminating in an encounter with a void dragon from the Tome of Beasts.

I’ve used products from Raging Swan Press in my games, and have even talked about them here before. They also put out tons of great random tables in their Free Resources. This time Creighton Broadhearst gives us two sets of tables, 20 Things to Find in a War-Ravaged Village, and 1,000 Abnormal Hill Giants.

I’ve been a big fan of the World of Farland. While I won’t be running any games there, S. Baker produces plenty of usable content, and updates monthly. I’m a fan of this month’s monster, the Burned Dead, a zombie variant that explodes when killed!

Speaking of monsters, here’s a bunch of new demons to populate your Abyss, by DG Scott.
The last monster entry will be the Nightshades, from James Introcaso for his World of Enora. I have plans to run a game on Enora soon. While James seems to be focusing on creating content for the surface world, I plan to run a sky pirates game in the floating cities that escaped the undead hoards that have taken over.
I’ve recently begun playing a play by post game over at Tavern Keeper. While still just getting started, I’m enjoying this alternate way to game, that fits in well with my schedule. To aid that, I found some great Play by Post: Advice on Characters from Joel Priddy.
I’ve also have become a fan of Johnn Four at Roleplaying Tips, though I am a bit behind. Spinning Up the Idea Machine talks about prepping for your next game based on asking your players what they plan to do next at the end of each session.
Speaking of DM advice, DM David gives us suggestions on What to Do When a Player Interrupts a Role Playing Scene to Start a Battle.
Jon Gazda at Medieval Melodies not only spells his first name quite well, but had two shareable posts. Sneak Through the Jungle, with an alternate take on group stealth, and he continues his breakdown of the classic Tomb of Horrors with Take Me to Church, which deals with the False Crypt.
In our “That’s Gamable!” category, I found an article on Mental Floss about a mysterious 19th century “princess” who fooled a town in England.
I’ll end this roundup with a comic, from “Jester” David, at 5 Minute Workday.

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