A New Home

I’ve been considering a move for quite some time. I feel that I have outgrown the 5e Grognard name. While 5e is still my favorite edition of D&D, I don’t want to feel tied down to a number. When I started blogging, I felt like a grognard. I grew up with the original AD&D books, though I couldn’t afford any until the orange spine had come out.

All of my formative gaming was with the words of Gygax, Cook, Mentzer, and Moldvay. “Zeb” Cook guided me thru learning to DM. As often happens when you “grow up”, I had lost touch with actual playing. I avidly followed the release of both 3rd and 4th edition, but never played either game. Years had gone by since I had rolled polyhedrals. Then my children hit the right age range. I had found a group to teach D&D! I used the D&D Next playtest documents and soon moved on to 5e when it was released, playing some old classic adventures.

At the time, I felt like a grognard. Not any more. I see as much influence in my games from later editions as I do in the “old school”. I’m not sure what that makes me now, but its not a grognard.

The picture above fits my mood perfectly. I’m not really sure where I am headed with this blog, but I’m charting a course. I’ll be bringing along all the worthwhile posts from 5eGrognard, and continue mostly in the same direction. I’ll probably be tweaking with the look for a bit, as well.

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