In Review: August 3, 2017

What I read today.

I really have been wanting to write a post. I actually have a couple of half-finished drafts, but have been lacking the motivation to write.

I follow a lot of blogs. A bunch pop up in my feed every day. Those that follow me on social media (Google+Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter), see what I like best each day, as I share the link. I used to spread these links around individually and then later write a weekly In Review: post (which I haven’t done in some time). It hit me today instead write up a In Review: post as I read them. Hopefully it gets me posting more often.

Always a fan of the lists that Creighton Broadhurst posts at Raging Swan. Today we have 10 Things to Find in a Goblin Chieftain’s Room. The heroic goblin painting is my favorite.

Brandes Stoddard has kicked off a new volume of his History of the Classes series of Tribality. The Fighter Class, Part One explores the fighter class in Book I: Men and Magic and the Rules Cyclopedia.

On the World Builder’s Blog, James Introcaso gives some great advice in Tips to be a Great D&D Player.

Whenever I need something nautical, I look no further than Black Shark Enterprises. Today, Mark S. Cookman gives us 20 Sailing Hazards that Could Wreck the Ship. Each entry on this list comes packed with hooks that you can flesh out.

Heading back to Tribality, Colin McLaughlin really went all out with Creating New Prime Worlds for Planescape. This could easily be used for Spelljammer Games as well.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a comic from “Jester” David at 5 Minute Workday.

Knowledge is power, and forbidden knowledge is forbidden power.

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