Collaborative World Building: Metal World

The imagery of metal music lends itself well to fantasy role playing games. I’ve taken inspiration from songs, bands, album covers and such and used them at the table. D&D and metal music have always seemed to have a “shared culture“. I’ve often thought about making a D&D world drawn totally from music influences. Yesterday in the car I thought to myself, “Self, why don’t you open this up to everyone and see what kind of awesome we can come up with?”.

I’ll start off by giving a few examples of what I’m looking for, ones that I’ve used myself.


Waaaaaaaay back I based my campaign’s BBEG off of Voivod‘s Korgüll the Exterminator.  He was the general of the evil king’s armies. The people the king ruled were known as the Voivod. A couple of the elite units from the army that my players faced were heavy infantry known as the Iron Gang, and some shock troopers called the Warriors of Ice.

I remember those specific bits taken from War and Pain and Rrröööaaarrr, but Dimension Hatröss and Nothingface certainly influenced me at the time as well.

I’ve run Tomb of the Lizard King (pdf, dead tree) a few times now. The last couple I’ve used lines from Gwar’s Gor-Gor (from Scumdogs of the Universe) as part of Stephen DeManis’ insane ramblings about Sakatha.

So what am I looking for? What would you add to a Metal World? Something from a band name, album title, or song spark your imagination?

What about that album cover? Is the environment a location here? Stat up that weird creature on it!

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4 thoughts on “Collaborative World Building: Metal World”

  1. Love the article!

    Have you heard of my RPGs

    What you are putting down in the article is what I am also trying to make happen!

    Take a look on DrivThruRPG.


  2. I used everything from one of my all-time favourite albums for my homebrew a few years back; Black Hand Inn by Running Wild. In it, the title inn made an appearance, the songs protagonist and the backstory of the black hand where it got its name,.
    I also added a Doctor Who/Rick Sanchez-esque npc based off of the last song on the album, i used the titular Dragonmen from another song, etc. It was a great time and i was geeking out the whole time even tho my players had no idea where the references came from, lol.


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