In Review: August 25, 2017, The Great American Eclipse, and the future

My family traveled to just north of Nashville for the eclipse, in the path of totality. We had great weather, and it was amazing. I honestly find it hard to put into words. We went to a community college campus to view it. We didn’t gather in the quad with the crowd, but in a small clearing between the parking lot and the woodline. There were maybe 2-3 other families out there, and none close to us. We could hear the crowds, though, as they weren’t far.

About 10-15 minutes before totality the sky got noticeably darker. Things felt…off. Like deep down instinctually you knew this wasn’t normal. Not darker like twilight or before a storm. The closest thing I can compare the feeling to is like before a tornado comes, but completely different. Shadows became very sharp, and crisp. You could easily see individual hairs in a shadow.

A few minutes before you could actually see darkness approaching along the horizon. During totality it got dark. As the crowds on the other side of the buildings cheered, nature became silent. Like eerie silent. Street lights came on, then the crickets began chirping. The temperature (which was in the low 90’s) dropped easily 10 degrees. Looking at the total eclipse is breathtaking. Any photos, video, whatever you may see of it doesn’t even come close. It is something that NEEDS to be experienced. Totality there lasted 2 minutes, 40 seconds. It seemed longer. I did look around a bit, looking at the world around me, but I was drawn back to the eclipse. I could of laid there in the grass staring at it for the rest of the day.

When totality passed, the light started coming back. Kind of like a sunrise, but different. The entire 360 degree horizon had that pre-sunrise glow to it. We spent the next fifteen minutes just taking it in. The light seemed to come back more quickly. Like before the eclipse, the darkness crept up on you, but the sun came shining back. The temperature rose back up.

Afterwards, I can see why ancient civilizations freaked the fuck out during during a total eclipse. It’s strange, amazing, creepy, and awe-inspiring all rolled into one. About ten minutes after, we were sitting on a bench under a tree. The light shining thru the leaves onto the concrete was all crescent-shaped. Hundreds of mini-eclipses on the ground.
Even caught one on my hand.


I was also holding off posting because of GenCon. I figured to let GenCon and all its attendees have the weekend.

In that time off I reflected a bit. I went through quite a slump with writing, having trouble coming up with new content. I haven’t been playing D&D much recently, I’ve been playing much more Magic: The Gathering. I started these In Review posts as an activity to get me writing again. Overall, I’ve decided I’m not enjoying them as a column. I’ve already had the following written, so I’ll go ahead and post it.

I will continue to post all future blog posts on Google+Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. In the past, I have been most active on Google+, and only started the others to “expand my media empire”. I’ve decided that’s not really for me. I will continue to share my picks from all of my blog reading on Google+, so if you’d like to continue to see these links, follow me there.

As for the future of my blog? I have a couple older play reports that I’ll get around to posting. Maybe some ideas I have in my head for Eska will see print. I have been contacted to do some product reviews as well, and I’d like to get those out soon. I’m still working on In the Shadow of White Plume Mountain, and hope to get that out at some point. I’d also like to get back to the origin of my blog and go thru some old Dragon Magazines again and convert some crunch. Still, it’s hard to say. I’ve found it hard to get motivated to write recently. I’ve also thought about writing about Magic: The Gathering, but I’m not really sure in what capacity.

Barghest Tactics. Merrow Tactics. Keith Ammann gives us the next two creature in his The Monsters Know What They’re Doing blog with the barghest from Volo’s Guide to Monsters, and the merrow from the Monster Manual.

Choose Monsters Based on Story. Mike Shea from Sly Flourish helps us throw out the DMG’s encounter building guidelines.

The Scythe.I’ve been a fan of Raging Swan Press for quite awhile, but I just recently started checking out Creighton Broadhurst’s personal blog. The Scythe is a tavern set in the city of Languard, but is easily placed anywhere.

10 Things to Find Outside a Goblin Lair. Speaking of Raging Swan, Creighton continues his excellent goblin theme.

Shades of Magic: Gifts from the Void. Dan Dillon at Kobold Press gives us six magic items that add on to his excellent Deep Magic: Void Magic.

20 Treasures to Find in a Shipwreck. Mark S. Cookman at Black Shark Enterprises is my go to for all things nautical. Here’s another great d20 list to get you going.

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