Plane Shifted: River Heralds


This is part of my ongoing Plane Shifted series.

Here are the base stats for the River Herald, the merfolk of Ixalan. They are just a slightly tweaked version of the merfolk from the Monster Manual. Actually the only thing I changed was the movement speed, based on the fact that they have legs.

River Herald Statblock

I also added color keywords in the description. I’m not sure what I want to do with it, so it’s a placeholder for now.

This is just your everyday river herald. I’ll be adding in your Deeproot Champions, River Sneaks, and Branchwalkers soon enough.

I made this stat block, and the accompanying PDF using RPG Author. I’ve just started playing with it, and it seems like a useful tool. John Rake from RPG Author has done some great work!

Speaking of the PDF, there is full page Monster Manual style page available to my Patrons at Patreon!

For fans of the tastefully named Jon Gazda’s Creature Loot series on Medieval Melodies, defeating the river herald will result in the following:

River Herald (1/8) – humanoid (survival)

  • 1 River Herald Hide: No immediate use. Can be carefully crafted (leatherworker’s tools) into a very beautiful cloak.

  • Jade Jewelry: A few pieces of jade jewelry, worth a total of 20 gp.

I’ve been enjoying my merfolk deck recently when I play magic, and while it has some older cards, it is predominately made up of cards from the Ixalan block. That’s why I started with merfolk.

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