Boxes of Destiny

My friend, and the person who introduced me to D&D recently unearthed this great bit of lore from 1982. Brian had gotten these boxed sets as gifts, as his sister looks on proudly. These would be the first D&D books that I ever saw, and sparked oh so many hours of fun and devotion.


Thanks for everything, Brian!


2 thoughts on “Boxes of Destiny”

  1. One other thing to mention here….many people through the years have criticized the game, calling it devil worship, demonic in nature, etc. However, I can’t think of a better way of being brought up back then, hanging out with Jon all day long and immersing ourselves into the great fantasy worlds we created. We didn’t get into any major trouble, we used our imaginations, bothered no one, and grew up smarter than most kids we went to school with. All because we liked to read, create, play with great people, and exercise our minds to the fullest extent. Just saying…..


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