Plane Shifted: Five Color Alignment

This is part of my ongoing Plane Shifted series.

The concept of Five Color Alignment I felt was superbly summed up in Plane Shift: Ixalan.

Five color alignment I feel sets a real foundation for what I want to build upon, so I wanted to put it out here for easy reference in the future.

I’ve been doing a lot of work here behind the scenes figuring out what I want to do in regards to making PC’s feel more like Planeswalkers, and have really struggled with it. Finally things are clicking together, and felt this needed to be here.

Once again, all this information is taken straight from Plane Shift: Ixalan presented by Wizards of the Coast.

5 Color Alignment-page-001

5 Color Alignment-page-002

5 Color Alignment-page-003

5 Color Alignment-page-004

5 Color Alignment-page-005

5 Color Alignment-page-006

5 Color Alignment-page-007

The above images in pdf format.

5 Color Alignment

Since all of this information is freely available in the Plane Shift: Ixalan document, I am not posting any of my usual “monetize the blog” info.

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