In Review: Sunday July 1st


Inspired by Beloch Shrike over on G+, I’ve decided to bring back my inconsistent series documenting what I’ve been reading from other bloggers that I may end up using in my own games. This by no means is an exhaustive list of everything posted by all the blogs that I read on a daily/weekly basis, just what I find the most useful, and thus shareable with the gaming community.

Also, with that thought in mind, recently my view of what I deem “useful crunch” has changed. When we had just the core three 5e books, I felt somewhat starved for options. So I collected subclasses, subraces, and backgrounds with abandon. Now WOTC has released more options, and my interest in those has mostly been sated. I’m nearly always interested in crunch involving spells, magic items, and monsters, though I am a bit more picky with them.

Maps, “world building”, DM tips and a lot of “fluff” really catch my interest more now.

Dyson Logos is probably my favorite cartographer out there, and here are two maps from him, Lair of the Golden Wolf, and Melad Crossing. For me, it’s not just his style, but the story he provides with each map that help fuel my imagination.

I’ve also been a long time fan of Trey Causey. While this is a re-post of an older post from 2010, his Conceptual Tour of the Lower Planes has some good bits to it.

I’m a sucker for One Page Dungeons as well, and Michael Prescott from is one of my favorites. This time he prods us to “Do it for the Beast“. Who knows, this cult may be responsible for the strange goings on in Melad Crossing!

I’ve also taken to reading some gaming themed webcomics. Marblegate is very gamable, and each installment has plenty of discussion in the comments below. The link is for the first one, I’m up to date with it the second dysfunctional party.

BTW, I went to google an image that could be used for “what I’ve read today”, and today’s Google Doodle was the image above to celebrate mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. I think I’m just going to keep using that image.

I’ll leave you with an InspiroBot message.

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