Recommended Links – Friday October 26, 2018


Several of my recent In Review posts have actually just been a collection of recommended links, so going forward, you will now be seeing Recommended Links!

File Under Cover

The Girl is Mine – Richard Cheese

Message in a Bottle – Machine Head


Engsvanali Tomb Raiding! by Dyson Logos

Prince’s Harbor, Map 1 by Dyson Logos

Well of the Wyrm by Dyson Logos


20 Orc Village Sights & Sounds by Creighton Broadhurst

Orcs with Personality by Creighton Broadhurst

Alchemist Archer by Kobold Press

Demon Tactics: Sibriex by Keith Ammann

MTG Deckbuilding Tips

Budget Commander Staples – Mana Dorks | Ramp | Top 10 by The Commander’s Quarters

World Building

Hornwall by Raging Swan Press

Image result for tcgplayer logo

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