Recommended Links – Saturday November 17, 2018


It’s been a bit longer than planned for another one of these, so the list is longer than usual. I’ve “built” more pages for these. If you notice each of the categories link to a page that collect all the previous Recommended Links. I hope this will end up as a sort of database of my favorite pages for everyone to check out.


Bard College: Greenleaf by Kobold Press

Leveraging Warlocks for Campaign Greatness by Trollsmyth

Warlock Patron: Death by Kobold Press

Magic the Gathering Decks I Want to Build

I don’t want to build these decks exactly, but each offers a nice collection of cards for both the dragon and zombie tribal decks I’m working on.

Budget Scion of the Ur-Dragon by The Mana Source

The Scarab God Budget Deck Teck $25 by The Commander’s Quarters


Like most weeks, this list is dominated by Dyson Logos, who is my favorite cartographer.

Greth’s Island Keep by Dyson Logos

The Sapphire Vault by Dyson Logos

Tomb of the Kirin-Born Prince by Dyson Logos

Wyvernseeker Rock by Dyson Logos


I’m a big fan of the lists from Raging Swan Press. I also think that Keith Ammann’s The Monster’s Know site is sorely unrecognized. The tastefully named Jon Gazda continues his excellent Monster Loot series.

12 Blue Dragon Lair Features by Raging Swan Press

12 Pieces of Blue Dragon Lair Dressing by Raging Swan Press

Boneclaw Tactics by Keith Ammann

Celestial Creation by Eric Diaz

Creature Loot: Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes by Jon Gazda

Demon Tactics: Maurezhi and Dybbuks by Keith Ammann

Earth Elementals and Gargoyles by Arnold K.

Eidolon Tactics by Keith Ammann

Fomorian Tactics by Keith Ammann

Gladiators for 5e by James Forest

Kraken Priest Tactics by Keith Ammann

The Making of a Lich by Rise Up Comus

Monstrous Lair: Sahuagin’s Sunken Caves by Raging Swan Press


This is just brilliant.

Astral Projection for OSR games by Emmy Allen


The Drow Problem Solved: Dathomirians! By Jon Bupp


I will definitely make use of the Dungeon Change Chart.

Dungeon Change Chart by John Large

Social Challenges by Arnold K.

Our Ability Check Toolbox by Mike Shea


I would love to play in the 1937 Hobbit as a setting. I can see the Skywright’s Guild making an appearance in my World of Eska. The village backdrops are another great series from Raging Swan Press.

1937 Hobbit as a Setting by Rise Up Comus

Fellow Prisoners by John Large

Gateway to Adventure by Trey Causey

Skywright’s Guild by Stephen Hughes

Village Backdrop: Azagirn by Raging Swan Press

Village Backdrop: Hornwall by Raging Swan Press

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