Recommended Links – Friday December 14, 2018


Been almost a month since my last one of these, but fear not! I’ve been collecting the links. I’ll be keeping it brief this time, so no comments, just a collection of links. If you like what I do, please support my Patreon.


Justice Cleric Domain by Kobold Press

Random Party Bonds for Dungeons & Dragons by Tim Bannock


Of Ships & Cannons by Shawn Ellsworth

Party Base by 771M


Bastion of the Prince of Clubs by Dyson Logos

The Many Chambers of Izzel’s Folly by Dyson Logos

Prince’s Harbor, Map 2 by Dyson Logos


12 Blue Dragon Lair Sights & Sounds by Raging Swan Press

12 White Dragon Lair Dressings by Raging Swan Press

12 White Dragon Lair Features by Raging Swan Press

20 Blue Dragon Treasures by Raging Swan Press

Concocting Constructs by Eric Diaz

Cult Activity: Order of the Jinx by Kobold Press

Devourer Tactics by Keith Ammann

Drow Tactics: House Captain by Keith Ammann

Generating Enhanced Tomb Guardians by Mike Shea

Kruthik Tactics by Keith Ammann

Marut Tactics by Keith Ammann

Nightwalker Tactics by Keith Ammann

Roper Cave by Raging Swan Press

Troglodyte Warren by Raging Swan Press

Rules/Running the Game

The Importance Behind Paying Attention to What Your Player’s Say by Tomás Giménez

Running Meaningful Random Encounters by Mike Shea

Why I Love Madness by Mike Shea


Wings Between Worlds by Trey Causey

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