It’s been a long time since I rock and rolled
It’s been a long time since I did the Stroll
Oh let me get it back let me get it back
Let me get it back baby where I come from



Destination Unknown

Yes, part of my modus operandi. My posting patterns are erratic at best. But occasional long gaps occur. Such has happened. We sold our house and moved, with all the chaos that entails.

My current group of players are all employed by the University of Pittsburgh. Summer break saw us scatter. The start of a new school year has also delayed us. The move did bring my wife and I closer to the other players, so scheduling should become easier.

The demise of Google+ also affected me. I don’t like any of the options that initially arose, and have fallen completely out of that scene. The discussions and sharing always helped to inspire me, and I miss that. Recommendations are welcome.

I am beginning early prep on resuming our game. We started Lost Mine of Phandelver, but set on my own homebrew World of Eska. Stuff I have already written is not cannon, however.

Changing Philosophy

Over the summer I read two of Sly Flourish’s excellent works, The Lazy Dungeon Master, and Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master. (Go on, click the links. They are affiliate links. Improve your game, support the blog).

I’m working on simplifying my game prep, and moving to an index card based system. I’ve been documenting my progress, and hope to share that with all of you in the future.

One other philosophical change I started with this new group was shared world building. I have three brand new to RPG players right now, and I don’t want to shove my opinions and prejudices onto them. The classes, races, and backgrounds my players have chosen, shape the demographics of Eska. That’s led to some changes on what I was imagining. I hope to share some more of this in the future as well.

With three new players, I also sought to simplify my game. Sure, I’ve developed a lot of crunch here on these pages. I’m sure I will in the future as well. I love new options, but I did not want to overwhelm anyone with choices. Currently I don’t feel the need to create crunch, so expect more fluff in the near future.

Blog Roll/Database

One thing I have kept up on during this most recent hiatus is my 5e Database. I read a lot of blogs. My Blog Roll will agree. When I read something I like, I put the link into my 5e Database. I started this for my own benefit, but thought sharing it would help others. Who knows? It may help drive more traffic to the site. The Main Categories for the 5e Database (in search of a better name for this) can be found in the Menu at the top of the screen under the banner. Updates to the 5e Database are documented in the Recommended Links series.

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