Recommended Links, Saturday November 23, 2019

I’m so inconsistent these days, I don’t even feel compelled to defend myself. For a change, I am completely caught up on my Blog Roll. The Database continues to grow. All hail The Database! Please like, share, and subscribe.

Classes, Subclasses & Backgrounds

Barbarian Path of the Herald by Kelly Pawlick

Bard College of Tactics by Kelly Pawlick

Cleric Earth Domain by Brandes Stoddard

Warlocks and Patrons by Jacob Huebsch


Magic Items

Weapons of the Demon Lords: Heartcleaver and Butcher by James Introcaso



An-Nayyir’s Pyramid by Dyson Logos

Cage Street Sewer Nexus by Dyson Logos

Compass Rose Generator by watabou

Dark Caverns of Turr by Dyson Logos

Defiled Waters by Dyson Logos

Demon Pillars of Iv by Dyson Logos

Drowning Point by Dyson Logos

Gardens of the Absent City by Dyson Logos

Gauntlet of the Flintcrowned Ghouls by Dyson Logos

Gnoll Pit by Dyson Logos

Hall of the Patrons by Dyson Logos

Lanhruinn’s Tavern by Dyson Logos

Psychedelic Cellar of the Stone Giants by Dyson Logos

Sewer Elements by Dyson Logos

Shepherd’s Cave by Dyson Logos

Shieldrick’s Tower Inn by Dyson Logos

Smuggler’s Lodge by Dyson Logos

South Sewers Hideout by Dyson Logos

Stone Troll’s Lantern by Dyson Logos

Summerthorpe by Dyson Logos

Temple of the Seasons by Dyson Logos

West Sewers Complex by Dyson Logos

Ye Olde Temple and Crypts by Dyson Logos



Bosses by Arnold K

Cadaver Collector Tactics by Keith Ammann

Clockwork Tactics by Keith Ammann

Conjured Creature Tactics by Keith Ammann

Dethlock Tactics by Keith Ammann

Eladrin Tactics by Keith Ammann

Infernal Dragon Template by James Introcaso

Molydeus Tactics by Keith Ammann

Drakon by Kobold Press

Frost Salamander Tactics by Keith Ammann

Mindwitness Tactics by Keith Ammann

Rakshasa: Advise on How to Run One by Tomás Giménez Rioja

Rusalka by Kobold Press

Shadar-kai Tactics by Keith Ammann

Ulitharid Tactics by Keith Ammann



A Guide to Infernal Contracts by Sean McGovern

Dream on Dream Weaver by Blake Ryan

Dominions of the Wind Lords by Kobold Press

Highway Across the Outlands by Trey Causey

Ramon’s Guide to Realms of Dream and Nightmare by Daemon’s & Deathrays



NPC Name List by Pulpatooner



A Guide to Roleplaying Elves by Kevin Victor Rae

A Guide to Roleplaying Half Elves by Kevin Victor Rae

A Guide to Roleplaying Half Orcs by Kevin Victor Rae

A Guide to Roleplaying Lizardfolk by Kevin Victor Rae

Froschlings (frog people) by Pulpatooner

Harpy by Pulpatooner

Onocentaur by Pulpatooner

Secret Life Cycles of Elves by Trey Causey


Rules/Running the Game

Adventure Keys by Mike Shea

A Guide to Hexcrawling, Part 1 by Tomás Giménez Rioja

A Guide to Infernal Contracts by Sean McGovern

Create Tense/Horror Scenes in Your Games by Tomás Giménez Rioja

DIY Corner: Inspiration Tokens by Mark Finn

DIY Corner: Make Your Own Random Tables by Mark Finn

DM’s Creation Toolbox by Mark Finn

How Much Talk at the Game Table Reaches Into the Game World? by David Hartlage

How to Make an Indiana Jones – Like Campaign by Tomás Giménez

If You Want to Provide a Tougher Challenge, Alter Your Arenas by Neal Litherland

Kitbashing Dungeons by Mike Shea

Letting Everyone Roll Certain Checks Guarantees Success, So Why Bother Rolling? by David Hartiage

Making Great Handouts by Mike Shea

Railroading and Sandboxing: Know Thyself by Mark Finn

Railroading and Sandboxing: The Saga of Krystos the Tailor by Mark Finn

Railroading and Sandboxing: The Teeter Totter by Mark Finn

Railroading and Sandboxing: When Vocabulary Lets Us Down by Mark Finn

Running Downtime Sessions by Mike Shea

Social Combat by Shawn Ellsworth

The Beats of a Dungeon Crawl by Mike Shea

Tips and Rules for Gambling by Shawn Ellsworth

Travel Methods by Jesse Cohoon


Spells and Magic

Conjured Creature Tactics by Keith Ammann

Lost Combat Spells of the Red Wastes by Brian Suskind



Ancient Borders: How to Make Travel Interesting by Brady Bourassa

Burnished Grove by Sarah Madsen

Cogs and Gears by Greg Marks

Guide to Mordenkainen by Sean McGovern

Holistic Worldbuilding Part 1: Development in Stages by G.A. Barber

Holistic Worldbuilding Part 2: Peopling Your World by G.A. Barber

Medieval Fantasy City Generator by watabou

Villiage Backdrop: Don Galir by Creighton Broadhurst

Villiage Backdrop: Feigrvidr 2.0 by Creighton Broadhurst

Worldbuilding Idea: Sinkhole by Jon Bupp

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