Recommended Links, Saturday January 18, 2020


A new year, a bunch of new updated to the Blog Database. Also a new look.

The Blog Database is meant to be a sort of “living project”. It will change and evolve as fits my needs. As it grows, new categories and organization presents itself.

If you frequent the Database, you may have already seen these updates. I add them to the pages as I read them. I keep a list of all the updates since the last update. Most are new or recent blog posts. I’ve also been going thru and cleaning up a bunch of bookmarks that I’ve saved from years past.

Classes, Subclasses & Backgrounds

4 Tips for Making Long Lived Characters FEEL Old by Neal Litherland

7 Myths Everyone Believes About Druids by Arnold K

Alternate Barbarian Rages by Brandes Stoddard

Barbarian, Why Do You Rage? by Charles Dunwoody

Brief Description of 5e Classes and Subclasses (Ideal to Show Your Players) Part 4 by Tomás Giménez Rioja

Character Origins for Your Games by Jesse Cohoon

Character Reputation in RPGs: The Small Legend by Neal Litherland

Cleric Fire Domain by S. Baker

“Fair” Stat Rolls by Jon Bupp

PC Personality Generator by Leugren

DM’s Screen

This is a new category, mostly made up of old links from my bookmarks. I intend this to be a page to be one that a DM keeps open during a session.

Advanced Weather Generator by Leugren

Dice Roller by Wizards of the Coast

Fantasy Name Generator

NPC Generator by Leugren

Random Name Generator by Donjon

Random Generator by Donjon

Random Generators by Chaotic Shiny

Treasure Generator by Leugren


Trinket Generator by Leugren

Magic Items

Bizarre Bazaar – Eccentricities of Eberron by Daemons and Deathrays

Relics: Single Use Magic Items by Mike Shea

Spear of Entanglement by Jon Bupp

Magic: The Gathering Deckbuilding Tips

The Top 8 Must Have Commander Cards In Black for your Magic: The Gathering Collection by Tolarian Community College


Besides your usual collection of Dyson Logos maps, there are a few links that I’ve had around for awhile.

Behkon Inn by Dyson Logos

Blind Lamia’s Cave by Dyson Logos

Chambers of the Absent City by Dyson Logos

Crumbling Island Tomb by Dyson Logos

Drawing a Town Map by WASD20

Fractal World Generator by Donjon

Flood Map

Gallery of Poster Battle Maps by David Hartlage

General Purpose Workshop and Store by Dyson Logos

Hex Map Maker by Hextml

Isle of Kheyus by Dyson Logos

Iyesgarten by Dyson Logos

Iyesgarten Inn by Dyson Logos

Sewer Connector Elements by Dyson Logos

Shrine of the Emperor of Bones by Dyson Logos

Spectre’s Tower by Dyson Logos

Ssa-Tun’s Lake of Milk by Dyson Logos

Temple Walk by Dyson Logos

Throne of Kovzonos by Dyson Logos

Whispering Outpost by Dyson Logos

Woodrest Manor by Dyson Logos


Astral Dreadnought Tactics by Keith Ammann

Basically Gith by Runesmith

Basically Orcs by Runesmith

Bone Colossus by Richard Green

Five Tips for Creating D&D Monsters by Rachel Phimpivong

Guide to Demogorgon by Sean McGovern

Guide to Githzerai by Sean McGovern

Guide to Modrons by Sean McGovern

Intelligent Enemy Tactics by Keith Ammann

NPC Tactics: Scouts and Spies by Keith Ammann

Owl Harpy by Kobold Press

Shadows of Death by Robert Schwalb

Where Faeries Come From by Arnold K


A Guide to Sigil, City of Doors by Sean McGovern

Baba Yaga: Midgard Icon by Wade Rocket

Basically the Shadowfell by Runesmith

Fey Contracts by Brandes Stoddard

Malice in Slumberland by Trey Causey

Monster Mythology Update by Auld Dragon

Portals Between Worlds by La Conductrice

Where Faeries Come From by Arnold K


Kevin Victor Rae has a helpful new set of guides to roleplaying various races.

Eight Worghast Rules by James Stuart

A Guide to Roleplaying Aasimar by Kevin Victor Rae

A Guide to Roleplaying Dragonborn by Kevin Victor Rae

A Guide to Roleplaying Dwarves by Kevin Victor Rae

A Guide to Roleplaying Gnomes by Kevin Victor Rae

A Guide to Roleplaying Goblins by Kevin Victor Rae

A Guide to Roleplaying Humans by Kevin Victor Rae

A Guide to Roleplaying Tieflings by Kevin Victor Rae

Rules/Running the Game

7 Tips For Dealing With Death in D&D by WASD20

Balancing Combat for One-on-One Play by Mike Shea

Can a DM Have Monsters Kill Fallen Characters Without Bringing Hurt Feelings? by David Hartiage

DM “Soft Skills” by Quickleaf

Downtime Rocks! By James Introcaso

Downtime Pt. 1 How Downtime Can Revolutionize Your D&D Game by Teos Abadia

Downtime Pt. 2 How Downtime Rules Evolved and Left the PH and DMG Behind by Teos Abadia

Downtime Pt. 3 How to Create Engaging Narratives with Downtime by Teos Abadia

Downtime Pt. 4 Three Ways Acquisitions Incorporated Completely ChangesYour D&D Campaign (and Downtime Too!) by Teos Abadia

Downtime Pt. 5 How to Improvise Awesome Downtime Activities on the Fly by Teos Abadia

Flow of Trap Detection by Mike Shea

Four Ways DMs Can Take the Commerce (and the Math) Out of Magic Items by Neal Litherland

How the “Odd Detail” Can Make Traps More Fun by Blog of Holding

How to Keep Your Magic Items From Getting Mundane by Neal Litherland

Lair Actions Everywhere by Brandes Stoddard

Lead with Story by James Introcaso

Learning to Let Go by Jerry LeNeave

Opening Questions by James Introcaso

Players, Don’t Bring Antagonism to the Table by Neal Litherland

Players, Make Sure Your Characters Actually Want to Be Here by Neal Litherland

Somebody Who Knows You (A DM Tool For Moving The Plot Along) by Neal Litherland

Support the Spotlight as a GM by James Introcaso

Support the Spotlight as a Player by James Introcaso

Three Truths by Twisted Cities

Timing and Pacing Adventures by Michael Shea

Weird Locale Generator by Leugren

Spells and Magic

Boulderfall by 5e Card a Day

Countering Rest Spells by Oofta

Making Counterspell Awesome by Mike Shea

One Dozen Ways to Make Familiars More Memorable by Jesse Cohoon

Spellbook Generator by Colin Marc

Spells of Farland by S. Baker


7 Myths Everyone Believes About Druids by Arnold K

Adventure Company Names and What They are Up To by Jeremy E Grenemyer

Black Pyramid of Khalgorond by Arnold K

Create a Festivity for Your City/Town by Tomás Giménez Rioja

Eight Worghast Rules by James Stuart

Fantasy Inn Generator by Donjon

Fantasy Town Generator by Donjon

Primer on Creating Organizations by Wik

The Dream of Science by Patrick Stuart

The Floating World by Trey Causey

Tide Flooded Caverns by James Young


This category spawned from the World Building page. World Building is meant as a “how to” and a collection of interested pieces, while Worlds is either ideas for a complete world, or a collection of articles about a published world.

Dubia by Chris Wayan

Jaredia by Chris Wayan

Threshold: The Mystara Magazine

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