Play Report: Lost Mines of Phandelver: Tournament of Champions Finale

We return to our Lost Mines of Phandelver game, where we continue the Tournament of Champions.

Our party is currently level 3 and consists of:

Aratesh – half goliath champion fighter

Baradan – eladrin psi knight fighter (the UA version, not the Tasha’s)

Daesys – half elf swashbuckler rogue

Droop – goblin sidekick spellcaster healer

We healed up some after the fight with the genprey, and prepared for the second round. Droop, who likes to mess with Daesys, told him “Next time? Do Better!”. Daesys responded with a chuckles and “I will, little friend”. Droop is the best.

Round two was a puzzle. We stepped thru the portal and were transported to a square room, with golden bowls on decorative pillars in each of the four corners. A dagger was on the floor in the middle of the room. Investigating the bowls, we could tell they could indent into the pillars. We assumed solution right off the bat, but wanted to be sure. We tried putting various bits from our inventory in the bowls, making sure to match the weight, but no luck. We tried various combinations of contents before Daesys went ahead and cut himself and dripped some blood into the bowl. The DM asked how many HP worth…and he went with one. The bowl lowered, but barely. He went for five, and the bowl lowered more. So we all proceeded to one of the bowls and bled out five hit points. The bowls were half full, and each lowered slightly.

After the fight with the genprey, we were low on hit points. We were wary of going down more, since most of us were down to single digits. The tournament was a gauntlet, with no chance of rests in between rounds. But we couldn’t proceed unless we made the sacrifice, so we each bled out a total of ten hit points, filling the bowls. The four bowls all lowered themselves all the way in, and a secret door opened, revealing our prize for beating round two…a single potion of healing.

We stepped back thru the portal to the cheering of the crowd! We had drawn first rotation in the first round, so being the “opening act” most of the crowd weren’t in their seats yet. But now, after two rounds, there was a buzz around us.

Our DM hands our XP after major encounters, not just always at the end of the session. After finishing round two, we leveled up! It was from the gods, because I don’t think we would have survived round three without it. Not only that, but we hit level four! Our DM is generous, allowing you to get both an ASI and a feat!

Aratesh chose instead to multiclass, picking up a level of barbarian.

Baradan took the feat Metabolic Control from the psionics UA. Mainly so that I can take a one minute short rest. Second wind, action surge, and the eladrin fey step all run off of short rests, so I wanted to maximize my use of them.

Daesys took Magic Initiate, to pick up booming blade and find familiar (and another cantrip, not sure what).

While leveling up, the other teams of mercenary company recruits continued to go thru their rounds. The DM would have one of us roll d100, giving each other team a 50/50 chance of winning or losing, with how high or low the roll was determining the level of success or failure.

The Redbrands (who we’ve had several run ins with) and House of Quas (the #1 seed, a major upset!) were out in round one. Flaming fist and Blood of the Decayed were knocked out in round two, leaving just us, and Blighted Claw to advance to the finals.

We stepped thru the portal again, this time appearing in a large octagonal arena. Four towers, forty foot tall dominate the space. Three foot metal cubes (hopefully) provide cover between the towers.

We entered at the south end. Four dolgrim were behind the northern cubes, and four spectators hovered forty feet above them.

Baradan immediately cast the Snilloc’s snowball swarm that he got from the pastry he bought at the Midsummer festival the day before, hurting a spectator and two of the dolgrims. Aratesh went into a rage and charged in, while Daesys and Droop pulled out their hand crossbows and ducked behind cubes.

The next round, four more dolgrim appeared at the top of each tower. That sent everyone scrambling for cover. The tower top dolgrim had enfilading fire on us. Aratesh quickly smashed (literally) the dolgrim on the ground, but the spectator eye beams were causing the most trouble.

Daesys kept moving and sucking under cover while firing above, and Droop did the same, hiding at the base of the tower in between shots. The two of them hiding together at times and exchanging quips. Bow fire took out three of the spectators, but the last one was hovering over a tower.

Then a light bulb went off. Baradan has brand new boots of striding and springing. Psi knight psi powered leap. A quick check of the 5e jump calculator, and a flurry of discussion and calculations later, with a running start, Baradan could get to the top of the tower. He could jump from tower top to tower top.

Yeah, that’s a lot of tabs. I was drunk while playing and just kept opening new ones.

Baradan helicoptered from tower to tower, and honestly got some lucky attack rolls and just slaughtered the remaining spectator and the dolgrims.

We stepped back thru the portal, and the crowd was going wild! We had won the Tournament! Grand prize of 3,000 gold!

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