Trove: Reptar’s Wall

Originally posted August 2014.

Jon Bupp

I’ve spent a chunk of the last couple days reading the PHB.  I’m also a little burned out on monsters, so I’ll mix it up with a magic item.  We’re still in Dragon Magazine #89, an article “Six Very Special Shields”, an interview with Elminster in which he details unique magic shields.


Reptar’s Wall
Armor (shield), unique, requires attunement
Named for the ranger who once bore it, the Wall is a large, heavy shield constructed of iron plates riveted to an iron frame. Its origin, lost in antiquity, is unknown. Two words are engraved on the frame in the common tongue, facing the bearer at eye level when the shield is held ready for battle: “Eiruvan” and “Thammis.”  The shield is magical, and has the following powers and abilities:
Despite its construction, the Wall does not rust or corrode, or conduct heat or cold, its metal remaining inactive. It is…

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