Bestiary: Bhaergala

Originally posted January 2015.

Looking for more Fey Creatures?

Jon Bupp

Next from the Creature Catalog II in Dragon Magazine #94 we have the bhaergala, also by Ed Greenwood.  I based my conversion more from the 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms Monstrous Compendium version.


I thought it fit best as a fey creature.  Too magical for a beast, though I did think about making it monstrosity.  The bhaergala has a spell turning ability, and I thought that was best represented by giving it Legendary Resistance, though this version takes an action.  That ability made it harder to assign a CR for it, but I just pretty much guess on them anyway.  I had it pegged at 2 before the resistance, so raised it only to 4, figuring the vulnerability to song knocked it down a bit.


The bhaergala is a large predator that roams temperate and tropical jungles or woodlands in search of prey. It is greatly feared by travelers because of…

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