Play Reoprt: Lost Mines: Cragmaw Castle, Part 2

We return to our Lost Mines of Phandelver game, where we last started our exploration of Cragmaw Castle.

Our party is currently level 4 and consists of:

Aratesh – half goliath champion fighter 3/barbarian 1

Baradan – eladrin psi knight fighter (the UA version, not the Tasha’s)

Daesys – half elf swashbuckler rogue

Kaizer – tiefling warlock (Raven Queen patron?)

Droop – goblin sidekick spellcaster healer

After completing our interrogation of Skarsnik, we came up with a plan. We had encountered some hobgoblin scouts back near Wyvern Tor. Baradan cast disguise self on himself to look like one, and went in to the king’s chambers to “report”. What we didn’t know is that King Grul doesn’t trust the hobgoblins, thinks they are trying to usurp his power. After a few minutes of discussion, the king’s retainer’s started closing in on Baradan, before launching an attack!

The rest of the party had stayed right outside the door, catching it just before it closed, allowing them to listen in. As soon as the goblins attacked, Skarsnik was the first in to help Baradan! Hoping to earn his way in with the party. Unfortunately for him, he was the first to fall.

This was a fairly decent fight at first, but after the first couple rounds, two goblins had been slain. King Grul, using his staff, merged the two dead goblins into a dolgrim, who started attacking Aratesh! Things were goin in the party’s favor, though, and King Grul started making his way over to his giant stirge mount. Droop saved the day with a well timed entangle spell, grasping vines growing out of cracks in the floor, keeping King Grul from escaping, and holding some of the other goblins in check.

After that, the party was able to quickly clear the room, and took the king prisoner. Also, in the corner of the room, a captive dwarf was discovered. Gundren has been found! Another round of interrogation started. Baradan and Droop went to rouse the dwarf, while the others worked in talking to the king. Gundren was startled at first, but then Baradan dropped the spell and returned to his normal self. He’s been held here for a month now, and was weak and starving. He told us the reason he was taken was because the goblins were looking for the lost mine and the location of the Forge of Spells.

King Grul was not cooperative at all, even sending his (forgotten about) stirge familiar away. Hope that doesn’t come back to bite us in the future. We ended up going medieval on him. Cutting off his arms and legs, and then giving him a potion of healing.

Thinking the rest of the goblins either so feared him, or so worshipped him, that we could use the king as a bargaining chip. Aratesh hooked him into one of the mancatchers, and we took him around to the front. Pounding on the front door, some goblins started questioning us from behind the arrow slits. We showed them the King…who they promptly filled with arrows. So much for that idea.

Now we were embroiled in frontal assault we wanted to avoid last session. Aratesh and Baradan lead the charge, bursting in the front door and driving the goblins back, as the ones in the room below rushed forward, gathering on the pile of rubble. Daesys took careful aim and fired thru the arrow slit, striking true! Droop, used move earth to cover the arrow slit to the top.

Kaizer, noticing the pile of rubble the goblins were standing on, spotted a weak spot in the ceiling above them, and nailed it with an eldritch blast. The ceiling collapsed, taking out seven goblins with one shot!

Aratesh proceeded to push thru the door, and gave the lone goblin a chase, finally catching him at the door we had barricaded earlier. The poor goblin, unable to open the door, and a hulking Aratesh bearing down on him, gave out a whimper before being struck down.

The rest of the group headed north, finding more goblins. Baradan and Daesys hitting first. More stirge wrangers were in the tower, and started releasing them into the storeroom. Daesys and Droop fell to the stirges, while Baradan’s half plate blocked them from tasting his blood. Kaizer cast create bonfire in the open doorway, which killed half of the stirges that kept coming thru. Stirges seem to be this group’s nemesis.

Wanting to get to the heart of the problem, Baradan leapt thru the bonfire and started attacking the wranglers. Kaizer blasted the stirges flapping about, and seeing Daesys and Droop both down, did some quick thinking, pulling out a potion of healing, and giving it…to Droop! We laughed, the new guy choosing to revive the sidekick over the PC, but then he has quickly learned that Droop is the best. It did prove to be a good choice, as Droop cast speak with animals and calmed down the attacking stirges. Kaizer dropped the bonfire, and backed up Baradan, killing a couple of the wranglers, causing the other two to nimble escape and flee! Baradan used his boots of striding and springing to intercept one, but the other got away…

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