Moons of Eska

As we begin to wrap up our Lost Mines of Phandelver adventure that I’m a player in, I’m prepping to run the same group in my World of Eska. (Don’t worry, we are currently in the middle of Wave Echo Cave, but being that our last several sessions have been short ones, I’m combining them all into a single play report).

Part of the prep for my game on Eska, I’m pulling out stuff I’ve had saved on my Google Drive and sharing with you, and my players.

Eska Has Four Moons

The primary moon (usually just called the moon) is a brightly lit sphere that rises in the east and crosses the sky westward. It goes through all the standard phases of the moon that other earths witness and has no innately special qualities (aside from myth and legend, and the odd spell or other magical effect that may leech power from or to the moon). 

The second moon of Eska is known as the Faemoon. The Faemoon is only visible to faerie folk, elves, dragons and those who can see the invisible or are themselves invisible. Various magical spells may at times offer glimpses of the Faemoon (detect magic or detect evil might provide brief glimpses but nothing concrete, more like fleeting images out of the corner of the eye). 

The Third moon is the Rotan moon and it is only visible to those who see in the infrared or ultraviolet spectrums (darkvision). 

Lastly there is the Tide Moon. This moon is largely legendary and is more of a sailor’s superstition than an actual moon (probably more likely an asteroid, or an optical illusion caused when two or more of the true moons pass Too closely to one another). The Tide Moon is used as a warning to sailors and navigators (and other travelers) to Re-chart their courses or dread events will befall them.

Credit Where Credit is Due

As I said at the time, this write up is pulled directly from the Ice Kingdoms Campaign Setting, which I reviewed here, back in June of 2017.

You can get the Ice Kingdoms Campaign Setting below.

Ice Kingdoms Campaign Setting, via DriveThruRPG
Ice Kingdoms Campaign Setting, via Amazon

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