Eska: High Desert Region

Eska is a far future/alternate timeline/different multiverse version of Earth. I’ve used maps of our Earth, manipulated using Floodmap. Getting ready to run the members of our Lost Mines group in a new campaign set in the High Desert Region, which we know as the American Southwest.

The starting town of Roxaluna is the Eska equivalent of Taos, NM. Lovelace (Albuquerque) is the nearest big city. Two of our party just arrived in Roxaluna from Lovelace, passing through Ogapoge (Santa Fe) and camping near Camel Rock.

My “North American” map of Eska has a water level of 250 meters on Floodmap, which does not affect a single thing in this region. So I pulled up Google Maps, got a satellite view of the region, turned off labels and took a screen shot. From there I did some photo editing, adding known locations, and a few more far off destinations as well. The Greatshadow Gorge is something from the adventure that I am running, so I drew it in. The Desolation of Fulminus is the “Here be Dragons” portion of this map. I’ll edit as needed.

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