Trove: Sword of War and Peace

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Since learning of #Swordtember yesterday, I’m trying to commit to bringing you a new sword every day. I may cheat, like yesterday, and just re-present an older post. But today I bring you a new one, the Sword of War and Peace.

You know my love of crossing the M:TG and D&D streams, demonstrated by my various Plane Shifted posts. So I bring you my version of the Sword of War and Peace.

Design Notes: The protection from red and white lead me to resistance to fire and force damage.

When I homebrew content, I like to copy and paste existing abilities and combining them instead of creating something all new. I feel this leads to better balance, and helps to make the item easier to understand.

In Magic, cards in hand represents knowledge, or spells that you have. In my mind, this is some sort of anti-spellcaster ability, so the next three paragraphs are simply the Mage Slayer feat.

I just made an abjuration wizard to play in a friend’s game, so temporary hit points are in my head right now. I like that temporary Hit Points don’t stack, so this pool of Hit Points won’t get out of hand.

Art Credit: Chris Rahn and Franz Vohwinkel.

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