I’m done with D&D. The corporate overlords at Hasbro have done it.

I’ll still play d&d. Much like I use kleenex and q tips. Hasbro has marketed the specialness out of d&d, and it’s the word for fantasy role playing game.

The OGL debacle has driven me off.

What does this mean for me? I’m looking for another non-OGL system to run. I’ve started looking, but haven’t put enough time to pick one. I’m also curious to see what comes out of the ORC.

What does that mean for the blog? Not that I post much, but I will no longer support 5e or any other edition of Dungeons & Dragons. No more conversions. The Blog Database will continue, but I will be adding no more expressly 5e content. The layout and formatting will change a bit I imagine, but nothing drastic.

What will I be posting? I have a series on world building in the works. That is system agnostic. Please don’t hold your breath. I have a terrible work ethic and follow through with plans. Whatever new system I start using, I’m sure I’ll be making content for that as well.

But Hasbro? I’m done.


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