Common Magic Items

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Roll for a random item.

  1. Ace in the Hole, by Haljordan
  2. Balefire Balm by Adam Roy
  3. Brooch of Belief by The DM Lair
  4. Demon Pepper by Eytan Bernstein
  5. Dowsing Rod by Adam Roy
  6. Fire Chalk by Jon Bupp
  7. Gloves of the Blacksmith by Adam Roy
  8. Gloves of the Charlatan by Adam Roy
  9. Gloves of the Mountebank by Adam Roy
  10. Glowstone by The DM Lair
  11. Goodberry Glaze by Eytan Bernstein
  12. Guardian Hound by Adam Roy
  13. Halfling Super Syrup by Eytan Bernstein
  14. Helm of Alertness by Adam Roy
  15. Ioun Stone of Light by Jon Bupp
  16. Jar of Smoke by Adam Roy
  17. Jug of Refreshment by Adam Roy
  18. Lightning Arrow by Jon Bupp
  19. Restorative Gargle by Jeff Lee
  20. Residuum by Brandes Stoddard
  21. Scabbard of Sharpness by Adam Roy
  22. Shocklance by Jon Bupp
  23. Spider Wand by Jon Bupp
  24. Staff of Vaulting by Brandes Stoddard
  25. Stone of Mending by Adam Roy
  26. Survivor’s Canteen by Ben Erickson
  27. Tailor’s Blessing by GM Lent
  28. Vigilant Cashbox by Adam Roy
  29. Wand of Legerdermain by GM Lent

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