Very Rare Magic Items

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Roll for a random item.

  1. Bands of Obsession by Victoria Jaczko
  2. Belt of Onyx Mastery by Brandes Stoddard
  3. Boar’s Head Idol by Brandes Stoddard
  4. Boots of the Lightning Path by Brandes Stoddard
  5. Bow of Nylea by 5e-card-a-day
  6. Bronzewood Coil by Brandes Stoddard
  7. Candied Axe by Celeste Conowitch
  8. Chaos Acorn by Brian Suskind
  9. Chirurgical Globe by Brandes Stoddard
  10. Cloak of Anla the Herald by Brandes Stoddard
  11. Cowl of Delban by Brandes Stoddard
  12. Dream Harp of Caiphon by Brandes Stoddard
  13. Fell Helm by Mike Welham
  14. Fleshpurned Mask by Mike Welham
  15. Ghost Dragon Horn by Mike Welham
  16. Hands of Hadar by Brandes Stoddard
  17. Hammer of Purphoros by 5e-card-a-day
  18. Hammerthyst by The DM Lair
  19. nvitation to the Yew Lord’s Banquet by Brandes Stoddard
  20. Ioun Stone of Free Action by Jon Bupp
  21. Ioun Stone of Life Protection by Jon Bupp
  22. Ioun Stone of Magic Resistance by Jon Bupp
  23. Ioun Stone of Polymorph by Jon Bupp
  24. Ivy Hauberk by Brandes Stoddard
  25. Khurgrin’s Axe by Phillip Larwood
  26. Lady Luck’s Trinket, by Haljordan
  27. Mace of Acamar Revealed by Brandes Stoddard
  28. Mask of Falier by Trollsmyth
  29. Mi-Go Battle Husk by Jeff Lee
  30. Orichalcum Lily by Brandes Stoddard
  31. Otherworldly Pigments by Eytan Bernstein
  32. Phial of Elder Starlight by Brandes Stoddard
  33. Phoenix Feather Necklace by Brandes Stoddard
  34. Pouch of Nature’s Balm by Brandes Stoddard
  35. Pyxis of Pandemonium by 5e-card-a-day
  36. Radiant Heart by James Introcaso
  37. Reptar’s Wall by Jon Bupp
  38. Relic of the Moon by Brandes Stoddard
  39. Ring of Deep Secrets by Brandes Stoddard
  40. Sand Suit by Mike Welham
  41. Shadow Blade by Ben Erickson
  42. Shaw of Elder Starlight by Brandes Stoddard
  43. Sonic Fist by James Introcaso
  44. Spear of the Endless Gibbeth by Brandes Stoddard
  45. Spear of Heliod by 5e-card-a-day
  46. Staff of the Scion by Jeff Lee
  47. Sunny’s Arbalest of Happiness and Slaughter by Luke Hart
  48. Sword of Sundering by Jon Bupp
  49. Tremorblade, Sword of the Cataclysm by Brian Suskind

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