In Review: Tuesday October 9, 2018

Wow, it sure has been awhile. The news that Google+ is shutting down has helped inspire this return to posting. Those that follow me on Google+ know that I tend to share links there frequently. I've tried to touch upon that in my "In Review:" series, but have found it difficult to find my voice… Continue reading In Review: Tuesday October 9, 2018


She Kills Monsters: Help Wanted

Need help / advise on running a one shot. TL;DR: Running a game for four women with no RPG experience at all. Looking for any tips on running and engaging the players. My wife works for the theater department at the University of Pittsburgh. Later this year, they are putting on a production of She… Continue reading She Kills Monsters: Help Wanted

In the Shadows of White Plume Mountain

Yes, things have been quiet from me here. Partially is that I've been getting some overtime at work, which these days leaves me drained. The other is that I've started a project. I'm writing an adventure, In the Shadows of White Plume Mountain, which will detail the areas surrounding the fabled feathered mound. As a… Continue reading In the Shadows of White Plume Mountain