Recommended Links Sunday September 22, 2019

I read a lot of blogs. My Blog Roll will agree. When I read something I like, I put the link into my 5e Database. I started this for my own benefit, but thought sharing it would help others. The Main Categories for the 5e Database (in search of a better name for this) can… Continue reading Recommended Links Sunday September 22, 2019


Recommended Links Monday May 6, 2019

It's been awhile since I've posted anything. I honestly haven't been feeling it. The last time I was able to play D&D was between Christmas and New Years. A variety of factors contribute to this. I've been hit and miss with reading the blogs that I follow, but I have been keeping up with collecting… Continue reading Recommended Links Monday May 6, 2019

Recommended Links Monday February 18th, 2019

These are some of my favorite blog posts from the last month, added to the database. Classes 50 Shades of Rage: Flavoring The Barbarian's Signature Power by Neal Litherland Archmage Patron for Warlocks by Middle Finger of Vecna Bard College of Shadow by Kobold Press Brief Description of 5e Classes and Subclasses Part 1 (Ideal… Continue reading Recommended Links Monday February 18th, 2019

Recommended Links – Friday December 14, 2018

Been almost a month since my last one of these, but fear not! I've been collecting the links. I'll be keeping it brief this time, so no comments, just a collection of links. If you like what I do, please support my Patreon. Classes Justice Cleric Domain by Kobold Press Random Party Bonds for Dungeons… Continue reading Recommended Links – Friday December 14, 2018

Recommended Links – Saturday November 17, 2018

It's been a bit longer than planned for another one of these, so the list is longer than usual. I've "built" more pages for these. If you notice each of the categories link to a page that collect all the previous Recommended Links. I hope this will end up as a sort of database of… Continue reading Recommended Links – Saturday November 17, 2018

Recommended Links – Saturday November 3, 2018

File Under Cover I really like the bouncy ska beat here. Brown Eyed Girl is one of those classic songs that I've probably heard too many times. This version makes me happy. Brown Eyed Girl - Reel Big Fish Magic the Gathering Decks I Want to Build Phelddagrif is one of those cards I've always… Continue reading Recommended Links – Saturday November 3, 2018

Recommended Links – Friday October 26, 2018

Several of my recent In Review posts have actually just been a collection of recommended links, so going forward, you will now be seeing Recommended Links! File Under Cover The Girl is Mine - Richard Cheese Message in a Bottle - Machine Head Maps Engsvanali Tomb Raiding! by Dyson Logos Prince‚Äôs Harbor, Map 1 by… Continue reading Recommended Links – Friday October 26, 2018