For Dungeon Masters

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Chapter 1: A World of Your Own

Chapter 2: Multiverse

Chapter 3: Creating Adventures

Chapter 4: NPC’s

Chapter 5: Adventure Environments

Chapter 6: Between Adventures

Chapter 7: Treasure

Chapter 8: Running the Game

DM’s Screen


Crafting Lazy Monster Tokens by Mike Shea

DIY Corner: Inspiration Tokens by Mark Finn

DIY Corner: Make Your Own Random Tables by Mark Finn

How To Create Table Name Tents in Minutes by Teos Abadia

Making Great Handouts by Mike Shea

Dungeon Mastering Tips

7 Tips For Dealing With Death in D&D by WASD20

11 Great Dungeon Master Tips by David Hartlage

Create Tense/Horror Scenes in Your Games by Tomás Giménez Rioja

DM “Soft Skills” by Quickleaf

Five Tips for Engaging Players by Rachel Phimpvong

How Much Talk at the Game Table Reaches Into the Game World? by David Hartlage

How to Create Tension in Your Games by Tomás Giménez Roija

If a DM Wants Personal Involvement, Their Game Needs Personal Stakes by Neal Litherland

If Your Players Focus on Something, Make it Matter by Neal Litherland

Importance Behind Paying Attention to What Your Player’s Say by Tomás Giménez

Learning to Let Go by Jerry LeNeave

Playing the Villain – Being Good at Being Bad by Extra Credits

Three Qualities of a Great DM by Teos Abadia

Alternate Rules

Darker Dungeons by Glyffyglyph

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