Chapter 3: Creating Adventures


Adventure Keys by Mike Shea

Avatar’s Perfect D&D Adventure by Zipperon Disney

Building for the Three Pillars by Mike Shea

Building Lazy Dungeons by Mike Shea

DM’s Creation Toolbox by Mark Finn

Dungeon Change Chart by John Large

How to Scale a Dungeon in Four Easy Steps by The Angry DM

Kitbashing Dungeons by Mike Shea

On Failing High Level Play by Mike Shea

On Writing Adventures by Mike Shea

Seven Samurai: The Perfect D&D Adventure by Mike Shea

The 4th Pillar: Risk and Reward by Jerry LeNeave

Timing and Pacing Adventures by Michael Shea

Two Thugs in the Woods by Mike Shea

We Can do Better than Boxed Text by James Introcaso

Weird Locale Generator by Leugren

Writing an RPG Session by Runesmith

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