Chapter 2: Multiverse


A Guide to Infernal Contracts by Sean McGovern

Darkest Vaults of the Great Maze by Richard Pett

On the Nature of Planes by Trey Causey

Planes of Chaos by Trey Causey

Planes of Pure Law by Trey Causey

Star Frontiers / D&D 5e Convertion by Michael Long

World of the Hill Cantons Revisted by Chris Kutalik

Astral Plane

Astral Projection for OSR games by Emmy Allen


Stuck in Hell, Levels 5-10, by Tomás Giménez Rioja

Deities and Demigods

A Guide to the Queen of Chaos by Sean McGovern

Baba Yaga: Midgard Icon by Wade Rocket

Building a 5e Pantheon by Herodarwin

Erebos, God of the Dead, CR 26 by 5e-card-a-day

Monster Mythology Update by Auld Dragon

Pelor: The Burning Hate by zombiegleemax

The World Serpent by Kobold Press

Dreams and Nightmares

Dream on Dream Weaver by Blake Ryan

Malice in Slumberland by Trey Causey

Ramon’s Guide to Realms of Dream and Nightmare by Daemon’s & Deathrays

Elemental Chaos

Dominions of the Wind Lords by Kobold Press


Fey Contracts by Brandes Stoddard

Greyhawk – Feywild by Blake Ryan

Heart of the Shadow Fey by Kobold Press

Mysterious Fey Totem, Levels 11-16, by Tomás Giménez Rioja

Where Faeries Come From by Arnold K


Highway Across the Outlands by Trey Causey

Portals Between Worlds by La Conductrice

The Town of Smoke by Zeb Cook


Basically the Shadowfell by Runesmith

Heart of the Shadow Fey by Kobold Press


A Guide to Sigil, City of Doors by Sean McGovern

Time Travel

Eonic Drifter by Kobold Press

Time Travel, Chronomancy, and the Hard Working Men and Women Who Make it Possible by Connor W.

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