Balancing Combat for One-on-One Play by Mike Shea

Can a DM Have Monsters Kill Fallen Characters Without Bringing Hurt Feelings? by David Hartiage

Combat Design: Beyond the Gate of Win or Die by Leon Barillaro

Don’t Take HP Too Seriously by J.T. Dimino

Five Tricks that Fix Fight Flow by Brandes Stoddard

For Better D&D Fights, Use This One Simple Trick That the Designers Won’t Tell You by David Hartlage 

If You Want to Provide a Tougher Challenge, Alter Your Arenas by Neal Litherland

Lair Actions Everywhere by Brandes Stoddard

Locations and Tactics that Encourage Dynamic Combat Scenes by David Hartlage

Shields Shall Be Splintered! by Trollsmyth

That’s the Pits: Some Down-and-Dirty Pit Fighting Rules by Lou Anders

Mass/Mob Combat

(Animated) Mob Combat Rules by Zee Bashew

Creating High Level Swarms by Mike Shea

Mob Damage Calculator by Mike Shea

Running Hordes: The Lazy Way to Run Lots of D&D Monsters by Mike Shea

Titan Scale Mass Combat by James Young

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