Chapter 1: A World of Your Own

3 Tips For Bold Worldbuilding by Tribality

7 Myths Everyone Believes About Druids by Arnold K

100 Magical Landscapes by DnDSpeak

100+ Odd Landmarks by D&DSpeak

Adventuring in the Time of Plague by Trey Causey

Ancient Borders: How to Make Travel Interesting by Brady Bourassa

Angryverse Lore: Undead by Scott Rehm

Black Pyramid of Khalgorond by Arnold K

Crafting Mythologies for Your Campaign by Kevin Victor Rae

Decolonization and Integration in D&D by G.A. Barber

Do Dwarves Surf? Tips for Diversifying Fantasy Races by Neal Litherland

Fellow Prisoners by John Large

The Godless Lands by The Chatty DM

Gateway to Adventure by Trey Causey

Holistic Worldbuilding Part 1: Development in Stages by G.A. Barber

Holistic Worldbuilding Part 2: Peopling Your World by G.A. Barber

Holistic Worldbuilding Part 3: Monstering Your World by G.A. Barber

Let’s Start With a Statue by Tomás Giménez Rioja

Medieval Fantasy City Generator by watabou

On the Best Places to Gather Rare Plants by Courtney Campbell

Recycling Mordenkainen by Archades the Red

Why Do Wizards Need to be Rare? by Blog of Holding

Wings Between Worlds by Trey Causey


Griffon Court by Kobold Press


Golden Sky Hall of the Fire Giants by Kobold Press


Government in Centarra by Arnold K.


4 Fairground Stalls by Creighton Broadhurst

4 (More) Fairground Stalls by Creigton Broadhurst

10 Fairs and Festivals by Creighton Broadhurst

12 Country Fairs by Blog of Holding

20 City Festivals by Blog of Holding

Autumnal Holidays by Josh Pearce

Create a Festivity for Your City/Town by Tomás Giménez Rioja


Alza’um, Land of High Artifice Part 1, Bashar by Daemons & Deathrays

Alza’um, Land of High Artifice Part 2. Alza’um City by Daemons & Deathrays

Cogs and Gears by Greg Marks

Eight Worghast Rules by James Stuart

In the Heart of Clockwork: Factions and more for Alza’um by Daemons & Deathrays

Mechanical Bits of Alza’um by Daemons & Deathrays

The Dream of Science by Patrick Stuart

Post Apocalyptic

Adventuring in the Time of Plague by Trey Causey

Post-Apoc Fantasy Hexcrawl Rules by James Young


Adventure Company Names and What They are Up To by Jeremy E Grenemyer

Cult Activity: The Fading Legion by GM Lent

The Ignoble Orders by Arnold K

Order of the Elephant by GM Lent

Primer on Creating Organizations by Wik

Shadowsingers by Kobold Press

Skywright’s Guild by Stephen Hughes


10 Legends of the Seas from the Mouths of Drunken Sailors by Black Shark Enterprises

13 Mysterious Happenings Around Town by Black Shark Enterprises

100 Murder Mystery Plot Hooks by DnDSpeak

100 Prophetic Dreams that Mean Nothing by DnDSpeak

Why Your Campaign Needs More Rumours: The word on the street is that they’re good for your campaign by Creighton Broadhurst.

You Walk Into a Tavern by Arnold K.


Greyhawk Cities: Zulpar (Underdark) by Blake Ryan

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