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Spells & Magic

Ability Scores

“Fair” Stat Rolls by Jon Bupp

Quick, Randomed and Balanced Ability Scores by Eric Diaz

Rolling After Picking Race and Class by Trollsmyth


Blood Magic by S. Baker


Character Creation Checklist by Zero Hit Points

Player Combat Cheat Sheet by Zero Hit Points

Player Advise

Lead with Story by James Introcaso

Making the Lone Evil Character in a Good Party Work by Neal Litherland

Players, Don’t Bring Antagonism to the Table by Neal Litherland

Players, Make Sure Your Characters Actually Want to Be Here by Neal Litherland

Support the Spotlight as a Player by James Introcaso

What Are Your Character’s Cultural Misunderstandings by Neal Litherland

What Are Your Character’s Superstitions by Neal Litherland

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