Druid by D&D Beyond


7 Myths Everyone Believes About Druids by Arnold K

20 Things to Find in a Druid’s Glade by Creighton Broadhurst

Bloodied Stones – A Druidic Circle by Dyson Logos


Basically the Circle of the Shepherd Druid (Xanathar’s) by Runesmith

Circle of the Black Strangles by GM Lent

Circle of the Deep by Brandes Stoddard

Circle of the Living World by Nick Landry

Circle of the Stones by Kobold Press


Ley Illumination by Nick Landry

Luminous Bolt by Mike Welham

Moray Bite by Brandes Stoddard

Level 1 Spells

Air Bubble by Brandes Stoddard

Gods Willing by 5e-card-a-day

Green Slime by GM Lent

Gruesome Deformity by 5e-card-a-day

Level 2 Spells

Blessing of the Animal Lords by Brian Suskind

Dreaming Prism by Brandes Stoddard

Ember Burst by Mike Welham

Harvest Pyre by 5e-card-a-day

Hunt the Hunter by 5e-card-a-day

Intensify Light by Mike Welham

Lightning Strike by 5e-card-a-day

Major Mending by Brandes Stoddard

Nylea’s Presence by 5e-card-a-day

Pharika’s Cure by 5e-card-a-day

Pierce the Sky by 5e-card-a-day

Trampling Charge by GM Lent

Vision of History by S. Baker

Level 3 Spells

Blood Frenzy by Mike Welham

Coral Grasp by Brandes Stoddard

Deep Diver by Brandes Stoddard

Destructive Revelry by 5e-card-a-day

Encrust Creature by Brandes Stoddard

Freezing Scum by GM Lent

Ghostly Possession by 5e-card-a-day

Gnaw to the Bone by 5e-card-a-day

Land Treading by Brandes Stoddard

Portable Road by S. Baker

Shredding Wings by 5e-card-a-day

Star Jewel by Brandes Stoddard

Stinging Jellyfish Lash by Brandes Stoddard

Level 4 Spells

Burning Cyclone by Brian Suskind

Deep Rift by Brandes Stoddard

Kharaste’s Bitter Prison by Brandes Stoddard

Peak Eruption by 5e-card-a-day

Level 5 Spells

Rage of Purphoros by 5e-card-a-day

Ley Teleportation by Nick Landry

Rushing Current by Brandes Stoddard

Level 6 Spells

Gift of Immortality by 5e-card-a-day

Hero’s Downfall by 5e-card-a-day

Sip of Hemlock by 5e-card-a-day

Tides of Doom by Brandes Stoddard

Wall of Coral by Brandes Stoddard

Level 7 Spells

Sea God’s Revenge by 5e-card-a-day

Walking the Shadow Road by Nick Landry

Level 8 Spells

Boulderfall by 5e-card-a-day

Level 9 Spells

Gutter Grime by 5e-card-a-day

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