5e Economics: Buying and Selling by Archade the Red

Who Are the Famous Brand Names and Merchants in Your Setting by Neal Litherland


Shields Shall Be Splintered! by Trollsmyth

Dungeoneering Gear

Torches: Indoor Use by Lindybeige

Warforged Repair Kit by Jon Bupp

Gunpowder Weapons

Gunpowder Weapons by Shawn Ellsworth


Herbalism in Middle Earth for 5e

Herbalsim Items by Jon Bupp

Herbs and Drugs of Farland by S. Baker

Home Base

Party Base by 771M


At Fifth Level, Everybody Rides by Joel Priddy

Mounts by James Introcaso

Release the Mounts by James Introcaso


Of Ships & Cannons by Shawn Ellsworth


Trinkets by D&D Wiki

Trinket Generator by Leugren


Stagecoaches are NOT Just for Westerns by Mark S. Cookman

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