Spells & Magic

100 Unique Magical Services by DnDSpeak

Black Magic Vexes by GM Lent

Conjured Creature Tactics by Keith Ammann

Sorcery Stop: Slime (Is on Your Side) by GM Lent

Spellbook Generator by Colin Marc


Countering Rest Spells by Oofta

Making Counterspell Awesome by Mike Shea


One Dozen Ways to Make Familiars More Memorable by Jesse Cohoon

Blog Database


Level 1 Spells

Level 2 Spells

Level 3 Spells

Level 4 Spells

Level 5 Spells

Level 6 Spells

Level 7 Spells

Level 8 Spells

Level 9 Spells

Spells by School

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