Level 2 Spells

Becalming Fog by Mike Welham

Blessing of the Animal Lords by Brian Suskind

Caustic Sphere by Brian Suskind

Chained to the Rocks by 5e-card-a-day

Chosen by Heliod by 5e-card-a-day

Claustrophobia by S. Baker

Commune With the Gods by 5e-card-a-day

Coordinated Assault by 5e-card-a-day

Crystal Seed by Brandes Stoddard

Defend the Hearth by 5e-card-a-day

Dreaming Prism by Brandes Stoddard

Ember Burst by Mike Welham

Fate Foretold by 5e-card-a-day

Harvest Pyre by 5e-card-a-day

Hunt the Hunter by 5e-card-a-day

Intensify Light by Mike Welham

Lightning Strike by 5e-card-a-day

Major Mending by Brandes Stoddard

Memory Spectacle by S. Baker

Nylea’s Presence by 5e-card-a-day

Pharika’s Cure by 5e-card-a-day

Pierce the Sky by 5e-card-a-day

Shadow Whip by S. Baker

Storm of Arrows by S. Baker

Trampling Charge by GM Lent

Vision of History by S. Baker


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