Centaur by D&D Beyond

Centaur Battlemaster, CR 7 by 5e-card-a-day

Centaur Campaigner, CR 9 by Paper and Dice

Centaur Rampager, CR 5 by Paper and Dice

Centaur Mystic, CR 4 by Paper and Dice

Chronicler of Heroes, CR 5 by 5e-card-a-day

Nylea’s Disciple, CR 4 by 5e-card-a-day


Chimera by D&D Beyond

Horizon Chimera, CR 6 by 5e-card-a-day

Prescient Chimera, CR 5 by 5e-card-a-day

Spellheart Chimera, CR 5 by 5e-card-a-day

Displacer Beast

Displacer Beast by D&D Beyond

Displacer Beasts and Blink Dogs: Rivalry Unraveled by Runesmith


Froghemoth by D&D Beyond

Froghemoth: Monster ENCyclopedia by Echohawk

Froghemoth Tactics by Keith Ammann

Temple Ruins/Froghemoth’s Nest by Dyson Logos


Harpy by D&D Beyond

4d4 Harpy’s Nest by Creighton Broadhurst

Harpy Attack on Board, Lvls 5-10 by Tomàs Giménez Rioja

Harpy Leader, CR 3 by Tomàs Giménez Rioja

Owl Harpy, CR 5 by Kobold Press

Underworld Harpy, CR 4 by 5e-card-a-day


Hydra by D&D Beyond

Bioessence Hydra, CR 20 by Ravnica Cards Converted

Mistcutter Hydra, CR 22 by 5e-card-a-day

Polukranos, World Eater, CR 14 by 5e-card-a-day

Ulasht, The Hate Seed, CR 14 by 5e-card-a-day 


Kraken by D&D Beyond

Kraken: Monster ENCyclopedia by Echohawk

Shipbreaker Kraken, CR 12 by 5e-card-a-day


Medusa by D&D Beyond

4d4 Medusa’s Lair by Creighton Broadhurst

Hythonia the Cruel, CR 20 by 5e-card-a-day

Keepsake Medusa, CR 7 by 5e-card-a-day

Pharika’s Mender, CR 7 by 5e-card-a-day

Reaper of the Wilds, CR 8 by 5e-card-a-day


Minotaur by D&D Beyond

4d4 Minotaur’s Den by Creighton Broadhurst

Deathbellow Raider, CR 5 by 5e-card-a-day

Fanatic of Mogis, CR 5 by 5e-card-a-day

Kragma Warcaller, CR 7 by 5e-card-a-day

Minotaur Beastmaster, CR 4 by Paper and Dice

Minotaur Demagogue, CR 6 by Paper and Dice

Minotaur Warbeast, CR 8 by Paper and Dice

Rageblood Shaman, CR 6 by 5e-card-a-day


Owlbear by D&D Beyond

4d4 Owlbear’s Nest by Creighton Broadhurst

Phantasmal Owlbear’s Den, Levels 5-10, by Tomás Giménez Rioja

Purple Worm

Purple Worm, by D&D Beyond

20 Things to Find in a Purple Worm’s Stomach by Creighton Broadhurst

Purple Worm Problem, Levels 11-16, by Tomás Giménez Rioja


Roper by D&D Beyond

4d4 Roper’s Cave by Creighton Broadhurst

Monstrous Lair: Roper Cave by Raging Swan Press


Sphinx by D&D Beyond

Medomai the Ageless, CR 20 by 5e-card-a-day

Monstrous Lair: Sphinx’s Cave by Raging Swan Press

Prognostic Sphinx by 5e-card-a-day


Astral Dreadnought Tactics by Keith Ammann

Basically Yuan-ti by Runesmith

Breaching Hippocamp, CR 4 by 5e-card-a-day

Catoblepas: Monster ENCyclopedia by Echohawk

Cave Fisher Tactics by Keith Ammann

Drider: Monster ENCyclopedia by Echohawk

Elbis: Monster ENCyclopedia by Echohawk

Girallon Tactics by Keith Ammann

Goat-Man, CR 3 by Kobold Press

Guide to the Gray Render by Sean McGovern

Guide to the Sorrowsworn by Sean McGovern

Hook Horror: Monster ENCyclopedia by Echohawk

Kamadan: Monster ENCyclopedia by Echohawk

Kruthik Tactics by Keith Ammann

Lamia: Monster ENCyclopedia by Echohawk

Leucrotta Tactics by Keith Ammann

Multi-Bear, CR 4 by Paper and Dice

Nemesis of Mortals, CR 8 by 5e-card-a-day

Nessian Asp, CR 6 by 5e-card-a-day

Peryton: Monster ENCyclopedia by Echohawk

Primordial Naga, CR 20 by Paper and Dice

Remorhaz: Monster ENCyclopedia by Echohawk

Riding Hippocamp CR 1/2 by 5e-card-a-day

Snapdax, Apex of the Hunt, CR 18 by Dragon+

Shadow Mastiff Tactics by Keith Ammann

Su-Monster: Monster ENCyclopedia by Echohawk

Tlincalli Tactics by Keith Ammann

Trapper Tactics by Keith Ammann

Venom Eye Basilisk, CR 1 by Paper and Dice

Wading Clawbird, CR 3 by Paper and Dice

Water Leaper, CR 4 by Kobold Press

What are Mimics? by Runesmith

Zorbo: Monster ENCyclopedia by Echohawk

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