Rules/Running the Game

Adventure Keys by Mike Shea

A Guide to Infernal Contracts by Sean McGovern

Create Tense/Horror Scenes in Your Games by Tomás Giménez Rioja

Differences Between D&D and Movies by Puffin Forest

DIY Corner: Inspiration Tokens by Mark Finn

DIY Corner: Make Your Own Random Tables by Mark Finn

Dungeon Change Chart by John Large

Embrace the Concept of Failing Forward by Neal Litherland

Front Load Prison Breaks in Your Campaigns by Neal Litherland

How Much Talk at the Game Table Reaches Into the Game World? by David Hartlage

If a DM Wants Personal Involvement, Their Game Needs Personal Stakes by Neal Litherland

If You Haven’t Tried a Bennies System, You Should Give it a Shot by Neal Litherland

If Your Players Focus on Something, Make it Matter by Neal Litherland

Importance Behind Paying Attention to What Your Player’s Say by Tomás Giménez

Letting Everyone Roll Certain Checks Guarantees Success, So Why Bother Rolling? by David Hartiage

Making Great Handouts by Mike Shea

Narrative Mistakes by Jacob Huebsch

Our Ability Check Toolbox by Mike Shea

Railroading and Sandboxing: Know Thyself by Mark Finn

Railroading and Sandboxing: The Saga of Krystos the Tailor by Mark Finn

Railroading and Sandboxing: The Teeter Totter by Mark Finn

Railroading and Sandboxing: When Vocabulary Lets Us Down by Mark Finn

Redlining, and What a Well-Placed Retcon can do for Your Campaign by Neal Litherland

Running Meaningful Random Encounters by Mike Shea

Three Truths by Twisted Cities

Why I Love Madness by Mike Shea

Adventure Writing

Building for the Three Pillars by Mike Shea

DM’s Creation Toolbox by Mark Finn

Kitbashing Dungeons by Mike Shea

On Failing High Level Play by Mike Shea

On Writing Adventures by Mike Shea

Two Thugs in the Woods by Mike Shea

We Can do Better than Boxed Text by James Introcaso

Weird Locale Generator by Leugren


Can a DM Have Monsters Kill Fallen Characters Without Bringing Hurt Feelings? by David Hartiage

If You Want to Provide a Tougher Challenge, Alter Your Arenas by Neal Litherland

That’s the Pits: Some Down-and-Dirty Pit Fighting Rules by Lou Anders

Titan Scale Mass Combat by James Young


Running Downtime Sessions by Mike Shea

Dungeon Crawl

The Beats of a Dungeon Crawl by Mike Shea


How to Make an Indiana Jones – Like Campaign by Tomás Giménez

Quick and Easy Weather Table by S J Grodzicki

Travel Methods by Jesse Cohoon

Time Tracker and Exploration Manager by Tim Bannock


A Guide to Hexcrawling, Part 1 by Tomás Giménez Rioja


Revealing Secrets by Mike Shea

Throwing Away Secrets by Mike Shea


How to Have a Courthouse Session by Tomás Giménez

Other Considerations for Courtroom Drama by Jesse Cohoon

Social Challenges by Arnold K.

Social Combat by Shawn Ellsworth

Tips and Rules for Gambling by Shawn Ellsworth


Four Ways DMs Can Take the Commerce (and the Math) Out of Magic Items by Neal Litherland

How to Keep Your Magic Items From Getting Mundane by Neal Litherland

Unique Currencies Can Add a Lot to Your Game World by Neal Litherland

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