In Review: Saturday October 13, 2018



In the first few days of the Great Google+ Migration has found me on MeWe. So far, so good. My G+ usage has dropped recently, so I haven’t fully jumped into MeWe yet. Certainly seems a serviceable G+ replacement.

Magic Items

Mudwalkers by James Gifford I just discovered him today. I’m sure you’ll see more of him here. Lots of great illustrated new magic items!


Redrock Cays by Dyson Logos

World Building

I’ve been a fan of the lists at Raging Swan Press, and later started following Creighton Broadhurst’sown blog. I once ran a sandbox campaign

Why Your Campaign Needs More Rumours: The word on the street is that they’re good for your campaign by Creighton Broadhurst.

File Under Cover

You know I love covers, but the bands have to transform the song for me to like it. These two knock it out of the park in that resolve.

Type O Negative was a band that I discovered too late. I had been aware of, but not really listened to them. Then in 2008 I saw them on tour (with Brand New Sin opening). I was hooked.

I love the Beatles, I love Metallica. Both are key in my music DNA. The way that Beatallica blends them together is perfect to me.

Cinnamon Girl – Type O Negative

Image result for tcgplayer logo

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