Plane Shifted: The Channeler Class Review

I've been struggling to come up with a class that would best represent a Magic the Gathering type spellcaster, using the 5 Colors of Magic. What I had found or worked on myself had all been a bit clunky at best, overpowered or unworkable at worst. Now that the DMs Guild has opened up for… Continue reading Plane Shifted: The Channeler Class Review

Van Richten’s Notebook

Just (barely) in time for your Halloween games! A collection of monsters for your players to fight, spells for their opponents to hurl at them (or for your players to find in forbidden tomes), and magic items to reward them with! All suitable for Halloween or Ravenloft themed adventures. My newest entry to the DM's… Continue reading Van Richten’s Notebook

Cobweb Golem

The Cobweb Golem is a magically created automaton given the semblance of life by a particularly powerful spellcaster. The Cobweb Golem appears to be spun from spiderwebs. Twigs, brambles, and other flotsam cling to its sticky surface, and small spiders can be seen scurrying about on the creature. Cobweb Golems are usually encountered in long-abandoned… Continue reading Cobweb Golem

In the Shadows of White Plume Mountain

Yes, things have been quiet from me here. Partially is that I've been getting some overtime at work, which these days leaves me drained. The other is that I've started a project. I'm writing an adventure, In the Shadows of White Plume Mountain, which will detail the areas surrounding the fabled feathered mound. As a… Continue reading In the Shadows of White Plume Mountain

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Archer’s Best Friend v2.0 Major Update!

I'm excited to announce a major update to Bazaar of the Bizarre: Archer's Best Friend! Expanded from 8 to 23 pages with over 20 new items and lots of new artwork. I scoured Deviant Art and found some great artists that I was able to work with that I feel really helps bring this to life. If… Continue reading Bazaar of the Bizarre: Archer’s Best Friend v2.0 Major Update!