Plane Shifted: Spell List as Color

This is part of my ongoing Plane Shifted series.

This was something that I was planning on doing on my own, but while researching the subject, I found that Laurefindel over at both GitP and Paizo forums has already done the heavy lifting.

Laurefindel does have a bit of a warning, though…

I must warn you that I’m not sure how balanced the whole thing is. My daughter ended up with a white/red (knowledge? can’t recall…) cleric, fluffed as a generic wizard, that broke most D&D conventions.

The blue ranger was kind of fun though, and the red vengeance paladin was brutal too.

With that in mind, I’ll also be working on a way to introduce color spell lists for each of the casting classes. Probably starting with something along the lines of the Personal Mana abilities.

You can download the list here: Color Spell List.

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