Inventory Sheets, Part 3


The previous Inventory Sheets continue to be my most visited pages on my blog, with good reason. Keith C. knocked it out of the park. Now Terri Carey has taken them to the next level. She made the backpack, bag of holding, and chest sheets into form fillable pdfs! She had some help from Aerri the Aerrible with the pdf work. She added total fields that will flag if the amounts go over, along with a total weight and value field (in GP) for the treasure pouch.

I do have to apologize to Terri. She sent these to me back in July. I had been really busy IRL at the time, and not blogging much. The email conversation we had got buried. Just last night I unearthed these!

The pdf files are linked below.




All of the Inventory Sheets are compiled on one page here.

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