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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. I honestly haven’t been feeling it. The last time I was able to play D&D was between Christmas and New Years. A variety of factors contribute to this. I’ve been hit and miss with reading the blogs that I follow, but I have been keeping up with collecting the Recommended Links. I’m slowly building up a database that I hope others can use to find useful tools for their games.

I have been playing more Magic: The Gathering, and doing a good bit of deck building, especially with the release of War of the Spark.

Part of the reason I started this blog was that I always liked having plenty of options for monsters, classes, spells, magic items, etc. in my games. The last few sessions I ran was with all new players, so I simplified things to PHB only. To be honest, I think I preferred it.

So the blog will remain in a bit of a limbo until I figure out what I want to do with it.


Create a Background That is Good for both You and Your DM by Tomás Giménez

Druid Circle of the Stones by Kobold Press

Veterinarian Necromancer by Neal Litherland

Warlock Patron: The Dragon by James Introcaso



At Fifth Level, Everybody Rides by Joel Priddy

Torches: Indoor Use by Lindybeige


Magic Items

Treasures of Perun’s Daughters by Kobold Press

What the Arkenstone Can Do for You by Trollsmyth



Banshee’s Tower by Dyson Logos

Bitter Minotaur Inn & Tavern by Dyson Logos

Catacombs of the Flayed Minotaurs by Dyson Logos

Dwarven Folly That is Ruldroc Castle by Dyson Logos

Infestation in the Stone by Dyson Logos

Lair of the Octopus Sorcerer by Dyson Logos

Lesser Temple of the Heretics by Dyson Logos

Lorean’s Manor by Dyson Logos

Nagmer’s Throne Chamber by Dyson Logos

Paradise Control by Dyson Logos

Psychedelic Cellar of the Stone Giants by Dyson Logos

Ruins of Charnesse by Dyson Logos

Tower Faced Demon by Dyson Logos

Vault of Tranquility by Dyson Logos

Wooden Duck Coaching Inn by Dyson Logos



Belabra by Jon Bupp

Boneshard Shaman by Kobold Press

Bone Thief by Daemons and Deathrays

Balhannoth Tactics by Keith Ammann

Drow Assassin by Raven von Bloodimir

Drow Matron Mother Tactics by Keith Ammann

Fext by Kobold Press

Fraughashar by Kobold Press

The Ghast by Arnold K

Looting the Bandit’s Body by Raging Swan Press

Monstrous Lair: Assassin’s Hideout by Raging Swan Press

Monstrous Lair: Sea Hag’s Grotto by Raging Swan Press

Monstrous Lair: Vampire’s Crypt by Raging Swan Press

Nagpa Tactics by Keith Ammann

Tophet by Kobold Press

Wyvern’s Nest, Monstrous Lairs by Creighton Broadhurst



On the Nature of Planes by Trey Causey



Guide to Creating Memorable NPC’s by Tomás Giménez

Helpful Hireling by Neal Litherland

How to Create Lovable NPC’s by David Hartladge

How to Make NPCs Your Players Will Like by David Hartladge

Aadam Hellikki, woodcutter by Raging Swan Press

Aake Hamalainen, wagon driver by Raging Swan Press

Albin Ihamuoto, rag and bone man rogue 1/wizard 1 by Raging Swan Press

Aleksi Kuutamo and his Angels, mad prophet cleric 3 by Raging Swan Press

Ambro Hellikki, fugitive fighter 2 by Raging Swan Press

Ambro Tiera, mean drunk by Raging Swan Press

Artak, half orc fighter 4 by Raging Swan Press

Bemmea’s Scheming Arcanists by Kobold Press

Eeve Kupias, wizard 5 by Raging Swan Press

Elina Kontio, enchanted bard 1 by Raging Swan Press

Emmanuel Arpia, relic seller rogue 1 by Raging Swan Press

Esteri Sotijalo, human female refugee by Raging Swan Press

Eufrosyne Arikka, human druid 2 by Raging Swan Press

Feradul Arilivar, half elf bard 2 by Raging Swan Press

Heta Tapo, messenger fighter 1 by Raging Swan Press

Joosef Kupias, leper, figher 2 by Raging Swan Press

Kaapo Otava, corporal of the watch, fighter 1 by Raging Swan Press

Klaus Arpia, veteran fighter 2 by Raging Swan Press

Lady Evica by Arnold K.

Lasse Asikka, noble fighter 1 by Raging Swan Press

Myvanir Sehiatyn, elf wizard 2 by Raging Swan Press

Patrolling Men-at-Arms by Raging Swan Press

Reijo Vihas, wealthy merchant by Raging Swan Press

Wandering Mercenaries by Raging Swan Press


Rules/Running the Game

Building for the Three Pillars by Sly Flourish

Differences Between D&D and Movies by Puffin Forest

How to Have a Courthouse Session by Tomás Giménez

Other Considerations for Courtroom Drama by Jesse Cohoon

Redlining, and What a Well-Placed Retcon can do for Your Campaign by Neal Litherland

Revealing Secrets by Sly Flourish

Titan Scale Mass Combat by James Young

We Can do Better than Boxed Text by James Introcaso


Spells and Magic

Sorcery Stop: Slime (Is on Your Side)


That’s Gameable!

Hidden Labyrinth: England’s Drakelow Tunnels by Jake Rossen



4 Fairground Stalls by Raging Swan Press

4 (More) Fairground Stalls by Raging Swan Press

4th Edition’s Implied Setting is Old School as F**k by Anders H

10 Fairs and Festivals by Raging Swan Press

12 Country Fairs by Blog of Holding

20 City Festivals by Blog of Holding

20 Pieces of Bandit Camp Dressing by Raging Swan Press

20 Sea Encounters by Tomás Giménez

Alza’um, Land of High Artifice Part 1, Bashar by Daemons & Deathrays

Alza’um, Land of High Artifice Part 2. Alza’um City by Daemons & Deathrays

In the Heart of Clockwork: Factions and more for Alza’um by Daemons & Deathrays

Autumnal Holidays by Josh Pearce

Carillon by Raging Swan Press

Coldwater by Creighton Broadhurst

Free City of Zobek by Kobold Press

Greyhawk: Underwater – Syrmyr by Blake Ryan

Greyhawk Cities: Djekul by Blake Ryan

Greyhawk Cities: Knurl by Blake Ryan

Greyhawk Cities: Marner by Blake Ryan

Greyhawk Cities: Zulpar (Underdark) by Blake Ryan

Greyhawk Shrines I by Blake Ryan

Home of the Ihalemi by Raging Swan Press

The Ignoble Orders by Arnold K

Mechanical Bits of Alza’um by Daemons & Deathrays

Nentir Vale’s Gazatteer

On the Best Places to Gather Rare Plants by Courtney Campbell

Poxmire by Raging Swan Press

What Does an Old-School Village Need? By Creighton Broadhurst



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